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Xena - Warrior Princesslucy lawless as xena holding a sword - title picture

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Telecast on AXN - Action TVPicture of lucy lawless in xena costume - full picture

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Lucy Lawless as Xena.
Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle.
Bruce Campbell as Autolycus.
Hudson Leick as Callisto.
Ted Raimi as Joxer.
Kevin Smith as Ares.
renee o connor as gabrielle in xena the warrior princess


Xena is set in the "Golden Age" of myth, long before Ancient Greece or Rome, in a distant land of known civilization. The whims of capricious Gods and the greed of human tyrants make her world a treacherous one.

Persued by the evil warlord Draco, Xena travels from town to town & battle to battle as she invariably finds herself caught between the innocent and the forces of darkness.

Gabrielle with her fiery tongue and quick wit continues to journey alongside Xena.

Together they travel and work together to create a land that is free from tyranny and injustice. A combination of mythology and martial arts action, Xena: Warrior Princess is filmed in and around Auckland, New Zealand.

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